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Shingle Roofing Options from Landmark Construction

Our CertainTeed Landmark® Series shingles offer protection for the important things in life — your family, your possessions, your home's structural integrity, and so much more.

We recommend these fine shingles because they offer exceptional value — the industry's toughest fiber glass mat, the strongest materials available, and the best warranty.  Landmark® shingles feature StreakFighter® for lasting beauty, CertainTeed's exclusive technology that protects from streaking caused by airborne algae.  Take a closer look.

Landmark® TL Shingles

  • Triple-layer protection
  • 305 lbs.
  • Max Def color palette
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Landmark® Premium Shingles

  • Dual-layer, high performance
  • 300 lbs.
  • Max Def color palette
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Landmark® Pro Shingles

  • Dual-layer, high performance
  • 250 lbs.
  • Max Def color palette
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Landmark® Shingles

  • Dual-layer durability
  • 233 - 238 lbs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

For more information, download the Landmark Series brochure.

Landmark® Shingles: Colors & Performance Levels

Landmark® TL Shingles

max def cobblestone gray
Max Def Cobblestone Gray
max def rewsawn shaker shingle
Max Def Resawn Shaker
max def weathered wood shingle
Max Def Weathered Wood
max def colonial slate
Max Def Colonial Slate
max def old overton shingle roofing
Max Def Old Overton
max def burnt sienna shingle
Max Def Burnt Sienna
max def shenandoah
Max Def Shenandoah
max def moire black shingles
Max Def Moire Black

Landmark® Premium Shingles

max def weathered wood
Max Def Weathered Wood
max def burnt sienna
Max Def Burnt Sienna
max def heather blend shingles
Max Def Heather Blend
max def moire black
Max Def Moire Black

Landmark® Pro Shingles

max def cobblestone gray
Max Def Cobblestone Gray
max def colonial slate shingles
Max Def Colonial Slate
max def georgetown gray
Max Def Georgetown Gray
max def resawn shake
Max Def Resawn Shake
max def weathered wood
Max Def Weathered Wood
max def driftwood
Max Def Driftwood
max def burnt sienna
Max Def Burnt Sienna
max def atlantic blue
Max Def Atlantic Blue
max def hunter green
Max Def Hunter Green
max def heather blend
Max Def Heather Blend
max def pewter
Max Def Pewter
max def moire black
Max Def Moire Black

Landmark® Shingles

silver birch
Silver Birch
cobblestone gray landmark shingle
Cobblestone Gray
georgetown gray shingle roof
Georgetown Gray
weathered wood shingle roofing
Weathered Wood
colonial slate shingle roofing
Colonial Slate
resawn shake shingle roofing
Resawn Shake
driftwood shingle roof
heather blend shingle roofing
Heather Blend
pewter shingle roofing
atlantic blue shingle roofing
Atlantic Blue
hunter green shingle roofing
Hunter Green
burnt sienna shingle roofing
Burnt Sienna
cottage red
Cottage Red
moire black shingle roofing
Moire Black

Metal Roofing Options from Landmark Construction

A metal roof is an increasingly popular option today when choosing a new roof for your home.  In fact, a metal roof offers many desirable qualities, including:

  • Fire resistance
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Aesthetic beauty and nearly unlimited color selections
  • Multiple profiles and styles
  • Ease of installation
  • Heat reflection and energy savings

Landmark Construction is pleased to offer Weather Lock Plus metal roofing products in both 24 Gauge Kynar Colors and 26 Gauge SMP colors. Gauge simply refers to the metal's thickness, with a lower number reflecting a thicker material.  Both 24 and 26 Gauge roofing materials are suitable for local conditions, with our 24 Gauge featuring a powder coated finish and 26 Gauge offering the standard SMP finish.

As with all of our products lines, we are pleased to explain every difference among our products.

You may also download the Classic Metals "Weather Lock Plus" brochure for more details.

Weather Lock Plus Metal Roofing: Colors & Gauge Levels

Standard 24 Gauge Kynar Colors

terra cotta sri-37 metal roofing
Terra Cotta
aged copper kynar metal roofing
Aged Copper
solar white kynar metal roofing
Solar White
sierra an kynar metal roofing
Sierra Tan
sandstone kynar metal roof
ash gray kynar roofing
Ash Gray
colonial red kynar roofing
Colonial Red
patina green kynar roofing
Patina Green
regal white kynar roofing
Regal White
slate gray kynar roofing
Slate Gray
medium bronze kynar roofing
Medium Bronze
black kynar roofing
dark bronze kynar roofing
Dark Bronze
evergreen kynar roofing
stone white kynar roofing
Stone White
charcoal gray kynar roofing
Charcoal Gray
mansard brown kynar roofing
Mansard Brown
slate blue kynar roofing
Slate Blue
burgundy kynar roofing
hemlock green kynar roofing
Hemlock Green*
pre-weathered kynar roofing
champagne kynar roofing
regal blue
Regal Blue*
regal red kynar roofing
Regal Red*
hartford green kynar roofing
Hartford Green*
copper metallic kynar roofing
Copper Metallic*
silver metallic kynar roofing
Silver Metallic*
galvalume kynar roofing

*Premium color

Standard 26 Gauge SMP Colors

bone white sri-81
Bone White
almond smp metal roofing
sierra tan smp metal roofing
Sierra Tan
ash gray smp metal roofing
Ash Gray
slate gray smp metal roofing
Slate Gray
charcoal smp metal roofing
terra cotta smp metal roofing
Terra Cotta
colonial red smp metal roofing
Colonial Red
burgundy smp metal roofing
medium bronze smp metal roofing
Medium Bronze
mansard brown smp metal roofing
Mansard Brown
dark bronze smp metal roofing
Dark Bronze
burnished slate smp metal roofing
Burnished Slate
slate blue smp metal roofing
Slate Blue
classic green smp metal roofing
Classic Green
hartford green smp metal roofing
Hartford Green
matte black smp metal roofing
Matte Black
copper penny smp metal roofing
Coppery Penny

Note: Actual colors may vary. Please request samples prior to making final selections.